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Memo to Cum Laude Chapter Secretaries. Dear Chapter Secretaries, As we enter the second half of another college year, this is a reminder of the steps each Chapter must

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Cum laude definition, with honor: used in diplomas to grant the lowest of three special honors for grades above the average. See more.

Summa cum laude definition, with highest praise: used in diplomas to grant the highest of three special honors for grades above the average. See more.

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mag·na cum lau·de (mäg′nə ko͝om lou′də) adv. & adj. With high honors. Used to express high academic distinction: graduated magna cum laude; 25 magna cum

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She worked incredibly hard throughout her time at college, eventually graduating magna cum laude, the second highest distinction a student can get.

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Jun 10, 2009 · Video embedded · Magna Cum Laude – Pálinka Dal 999 albumról Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song) – Duration: 3:31.

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D is about to graduate “cum laude.” She is working on her resume, and she wants to list her degree and then “with honors” rather than “cum laude” because (she says

cum lau·de (ko͝om lou′də, lou′dē, kŭm lô′dē) adv. & adj. With honor. Used to express academic distinction: graduated cum laude; 25 cum laude graduates

An academic level of distinction used by educational institutions to signify an academic degree which was received “with honor”. Cum laude is one of three commonly

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