God And Oral Sex

The act of two persons using their mouths to perform sexual intercourse. These two persons can be of the same or opposite sex but they are rarely a married couple.

The prophecy was dire and unsparing. In a video entitled, ‘Warnings to married Christian couples from the Lord Jesus Christ,

QUESTION: “My wife and I love the Lord with all our hearts, and we don’t want to do anything to sin against Him. Our question is in the area of oral sex. Is it

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This is a serious question, and I will answer it as best I understand the Scriptures. The first thing we must say is that the Bible does not directly address this

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In episode 400, Pastor John answers the often asked question, is oral sex okay?

Anal Sex in Accordance with God’s Will. Are you saving yourself for your wedding night? The Devil wants you to fail, that’s why he puts stumbling blocks in your way.

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Is Oral Sex A Sin – Is it wrong for couples to have oral sex? Consider your reasons for doing it and ask yourself these important questions.

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What does the bible say about oral sex and relationships between men and women, Oral Sex Good or Bad.

Fisting and God’s Will. The sex act called fisting is a source of confusion and misconceptions for many Christians. This is unfortunate, because it means that many

| What are the risks associated with oral sex, to the partner performing oral sex and the partner receiving oral sex?

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